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SSV was developed out of the Speech Therapy Department at Pullman Regional Hospital, a critical access hospital in southeast Washington State that serves the area surrounding Whitman County in addition to the students and staff of Washington State University. Pullman Regional Hospital is known for its’ innovation in many areas and in 2013, established the Center for Learning & Innovation.

In 2016, Keri Jones, Speech and Language Pathologist, had an idea to merge video images with moving video fluoroscopy to accurately represent how speech sounds are formed.  Through collaborative efforts with the Pullman Regional Hospital's Center for Learning & Innovation and the imaging department, Gemiini Educational Systems, a radiologic health physicist, and an independent institutional review board, the project began to take shape.

In early 2017 the core team of SSV was formed. It included Keri Jones, Becky Highfill, Director of the Center of Learning & Innovation and Carrie Coen, Director of Rehabilitation Services at Pullman Regional Hospital.

In December 2017, SSV was launched as an app in the Apple App Store.


Keri's interview with Super Duper at ASHA 2019

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