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Feeling Thankful for ASHA

I’ll never forget the way I felt as I descended the escalator at the 2018 ASHA Convention in Boston.

I gazed out at the bustling exhibit hall and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I could be there, participating in ASHA, as an exhibitor. We had released the Speech Sounds Visualized Mobile App one year prior and this was our first major opportunity to share the App with fellow SLP’s. I couldn’t believe I was there, in this capacity. I felt nervous, proud, and awe-inspired by the other exhibitors surrounding us in the massive hall.

The ASHA convention can be described as simply electric. I’d had the good fortune to attend the convention several times prior to being an exhibitor, so I knew a little of what to expect. First there’s the planning in the weeks leading up to the conference. I remember the days of having the printed program planner book and diligently folding over the upper corners of the pages and highlighting all the events and sessions that I simply could not miss. Being an App creator, I am now pleased there is an App for conference session planning, and that my yellow highlighter has been replaced with the little “favorites” stars.

The ASHA convention is a time for us to come together and feel proud. Proud of ourselves for being here and proud of one another for the countless ways that we enrich peoples’ lives through our chosen profession. I will find my seat at the opening ceremony in New Orleans next week and I’ll give thanks for the opportunities that have come my way through this profession. Undoubtedly, I will also give thanks for my fellow ASHA attendees…and then I will eat a beignet and head to the exhibit hall! Please stop by our booth at #542 and share your ASHA story with me, I can hardly wait to see you all and share in the excitement of convention!

Take care my friends,

Keri Jones, MA, CCC-SLP

Keri Jones is the creator of Speech Sounds Visualized and a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) at Pullman Regional Hospital's Summit Therapy & Health Services in Pullman, Washington.

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